What is the main function of a medicine label?

  Labeling is printed information that is concerned with the classification of a product and gives complete information regarding the product.      Labeling ensures product identification and holds the frame of branding that perpetually describes the official product name, active and inactive ingredients with quantity, drug Facts table, use, warnings, and allergic reactions. Labeling and packaging should perform in a specific manner that follows regulatory labeling standards authorized by the government    T o ensure that the medicine is sharply and easily identifiable by health professionals and consumers  is the primary role of a label .                              What must be on a medicine label? ·          Warnings for safe use of the medicine ·          Description of the medication  ·          Required to pay for the medicine ·          Whether a patient signature is needed or not  ·          Dosage  ·          Drug interactions   ·          Expiration date  ·          How of

What are some modern uses of biotechnology?

  Biotechnology is the use of biology to enhance the quality of life of people. This holds broad applications and a crucial part of smart technology has been used for ages It is, in particular, a combination of technologies that run with living cells and molecules and help discover new solutions to improve the quality of our lives. Some industries utilize biotechnology to improve the performance of industrial methods and overcome the adverse result on the environment The industries using biotechnology are textile, chemical manufacturing, and paper and pulp manufacturing, and most importantly in pharma industry . Drug manufacturing uses biocatalysts developed through biotechnology for synthesizing medicines. Biocatalysts help economically in chemicals production and make them environmentally friendly. Biotechnology to improve the environment Biotechnology for Human applications Biotechnology to provide food for future generations Uses of Biotechnology in Pharma industry: Biotech

Artificial Intelligence - SAP in Pharmaceutical Industry

  SAP:  Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing: Using insights and knowledge gained from long-term experience within the pharmaceutical industry,  Artificial intelligence   SAP has developed a portfolio of reference solutions and content called SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals.                                                                                              SAP software system gives a distinguished solution for the production of drugs in an automated approach . Economy management of  pharmaceuticals  efficiently done through an integrated software package. Implementation of SAP gives effective planning to increase production.   Uses of SAP: SAP is essential for many businesses because it allows every department to communicate with each other easily  ·          The SAP system is built around the core SAP modules of  ·          Finance (FI),  ·          Controlling (CO),  ·          Sales & Distribution (SD),  ·          Materials